Do you want your photos to be more than just good?
One of these courses will help you do that!
Why choose me as your teacher?
  • Master of photography
    Photo association of SerbiaQuality
    More than 100 international photography awards

    One of them being:

    "Dear Doctor Đurovic, congratulations on winning the first prize!
    When we saw your photos,
    we were convinced that you are a fictional character,
    an impersonator who copied a world-renowned photographer.
    And then we realized that you are real and that the photos are truly yours,
    from that moment on there was no doubt about who won the competition.ˮ
  • 12 personal and over 50 group exhibitions.
  • Work aproach
    Practice, practice, practice...
    The least theory - the most practice
    and a lot of fun in making awesome photos.
Basic course

Advanced course

Individual course

Photoshop course

Works of students
All photos and video materials belog to the author and are used for presentation purposes.
Any personal or comercial use is strictly forbiden.