What does your center do?
Our medical consultation center deals with type 2 diabetes treatment and alleviation and prevention of its complications.
We adjust your therapy by introducing new methods that recover your pancreas and help it produce more insulin your cells will recognize and thus use glucose efficiently.
We invite you to take advantage of the unique program of "Diabetes mellitus - prevention of complications of diabetes mellitus and metabolic disorders" therapeutic and recreational course.

How to get to your center?
Fill out the survey on our website and do laboratory analyzes. Email the results to diastansr@gmail.com
Our experts will analyze everything and if we can help you, you will be invited to come to our center.
Is your approach to problem-solving individual?
People with diabetes will come to our Center in small groups, but the approach to each of you is strictly individual. No two people are the same, have same problems, diabetic experience, gender ...
What methods do you use?
Our center and experts work according to the original method and using original preparation Glyco 5. As the approach to each person with diabetes is strictly individual, the results are far better, as care is taken of the tiniest details, symptoms and problems. You are given as much time as you need according to your health condition. Experts of all profiles are involved depending on the problems you have. In addition to pancreas recovery, we also deal with eliminating the existing effects diabetes has caused to your body.
Do you guarantee curing?
As you know, the official position of medicine is that diabetes is incurable.
We put three question marks here ???

Is it, though?

What does curing mean?

What about pre-existing damage to the body? Diabetes is curable if the cause is treated

- That is why, based on the survey and laboratory analyzes, our experts determine who we call to our center, knowing that we can help him or her.

- That is why we include new preparations that will help your pancreas and the body as a whole.

Curing has several forms:

- maintaining glucose levels at normal levels without sudden value jumps

- Any increase in own insulin secretion and its recognition by cells means less use of drugs and medicinal products

We reduce or eliminate the already existing consequences of diabetes using various methods included in the entire process of caring for you, and at the same time work on preventing new ones.