Dietary supplement for diabetes prevention and treatment

GLYCO 5 is a special complex of substances derived from plant extracts that has multiple effects on the body of people with diabetes.

1. When cellular receptors do not recognize the insulin and do not open the "door" for glucose, Glyco5 acts as a "lock pick" to which receptors respond. This leads to the cells taking their food, i.e. consume glucose.

2. Gradually, this leads to the cells beginning to recognize their insulin, which then manages to reopen the "cell door" for glucose.

3. If there is even a slight function of Beta cells in the pancreas, Glyco5 helps them to recover and start secreting insulin again.

In this way, Glyco5 does not break down glucose and removes it from the body as does a good part of chemical drugs (fight against the consequences), but it influences those processes that cause insulin resistance and diabetes and everything that accompanies them.

Help your pancreas

Natural biologically active substances improve all body systems functioning to eliminate insulin resistance and normalize blood glucose levels.
Help your body reach normal blood glucose levels, regulate body weight and wake up your metabolism.
Proper nutrition is an excellent help to your pancreas and body. Don't make it difficult for it.
Reg. Ministry of Health Rep. Serbia No 19315 - 17.08.2021.